How Our Service Works

1. To get your service started, please click on the Stripe Payment Link that was emailed to you from "", pay for your service, and we will begin processing your Application Documents Package. If you've already spoken to us but have not yet received your "Proof Link" to the court website that proves you are owed these funds, or the Stripe Payment Link so you can pay for your service, please contact us by email or phone. Click here for our contact information.

2. Once payment is received our customer service department will prepare the 5-7 legal documents required by the court, then combine those into a single PDF we call the "Application Documents Package". 

3. Next we will email (or regular mail if needed) your Application Documents Package along with our simple Step-By-Step Instructions on how to process, notarize, copy, and mail your documents to the appropriate addresses. Different courts have different requirements and we have already figured this out for you. So all you need to do is follow our simple instructions to prepare and mail your documents to the court. 

4. Once your application package is "filed in" to the court we will email you so you know your application package is being processed by the courts.

5. Usually in less than 90 days the court will issue a "grant for unclaimed funds" and we will email you a copy of this motion so you know the court is about to mail your funds. 

6. Finally, The U. S. Treasury Department will mail a check to the mailing address you provided for the full amount of unclaimed funds you are owed.