Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay for my service so I can get my Application Documents Package prepared?

A: If you are ready to get started, simply click on the Stripe Payment Link that was emailed to you from "", pay for your service, and we will begin processing your application package. You will receive your Application Documents Package by email within 24 hours. Or if you prefer, we can mail it to you through the U. S. Postal Service.

     If you've already spoken to us but have not yet received your "Proof Link" to the court website that proves you are owed these funds or the Stripe Payment Link sent in the same email please contact us by email or phone. 

Click here for our contact information.


Q: Why are there unclaimed funds left from the bankruptcy case I was involved in?

A: Creditors file a claim in order to get paid and when they don't they often move on without even knowing there are unclaimed funds in their name.

 - Sometimes creditors move and don't change their address with the bankruptcy court where they filed a claim so any checks mailed get returned and become unclaimed funds.

 - After several years some creditors forget about their claim or have written off the debt and have no idea there are unclaimed funds available to them.

 - Funds that were sent back undeliverable go back to the creditor or debtor as unclaimed funds.

- Property sold by the trustee that wasent paid out to creditors become unclaimed funds.

- Debtors may receive property back during their bankruptcy like a tax refund or unpaid wages but never receive the funds and the funds become unclaimed.

- Debtors who paid into a Chapter 13 case that got dismissed are refunded. The funds go back to the debtor because the court is no longer responsible for payments to creditors. But if they never receive the funds the funds become unclaimed.

Q: Why do debtor attorneys in the case not recover unclaimed funds for their clients?

A: Many debtor attorneys don’t get fully paid when their bankruptcy cases get dismissed by the courts. At the point of dismissal the attorneys are no longer obligated to the debtors in the case. Other times its poor case management by the attorneys. Some are not aware of their clients whereabouts to even inform them of the unclaimed funds. And its likely that the debtor has changed their address or phone number. Taxes might be another reason because depending on the amount it could be taxable income debtors don’t want to have.

Q: Why should I use your service rather than trying to do it on my own?

A: We have the expertise to prepare a set of documents for presentation to the courts for payment. Unlike state unclaimed funds, bankruptcy unclaimed funds require motions be filed with the court, accepted, processed and decided upon by a judge. Most people do not understand this process enough to do it completely on their own which is why we offer our do-it-yourself service. Our customers find our service to be much less expensive than hiring an attorney.

Q: Can you just do it for me?

A: We no longer provide a full service option. We find that our customers prefer the do it yourself option for several reasons. They no longer need to sign a power of attorney or provide their personal information to get our help. And they like being paid directly by the US Treasury Department rather than waiting on payment from us. Our customer service team works hard to make it simple to understand & finish the process. We provide step by step instructions with your documents package and are available to answer any questions you may have.  

Q: How long does it take for the courts to process my application packet and grant a payment for unclaimed funds?

A: In general, it takes 60-90 days for the courts to issue your payment of unclaimed funds.